We are hoping to touch your heart with the truth and remind you that you have been blessed. Because there are so many women who need a loving hand of support which will make a difference in their life. Some of you have been spared from the brutality of childhood sexual abuse and assault or rape and sexual trafficking; you are the fortunate ones, and I truly thank God that you have been excluded from such a painful reality. Unfortunately, there are women who were not as fortunate as you. Many have suffered for years in a painful state, lost and uncertain of where their lives are headed. Some women don't know where they are going and some even wonder if they will live to see another day. Sadly, there are survivors in every generation and there will be more lives to help and heal in the future.

Some people wonder why some women/young women are out there in the streets drinking, using drugs and being promiscuous. Do you truly believe that they really want to be out there, hurting themselves while at the same time they are dying inside? Is it because they want to do what they are doing? No! There are many, many reasons why they're out in the streets... too many reason to write about here. Some women's actions and behavior are do to many reasons; but I'll give you four examples... Some women come from a severely dysfunctional home where they either have been raped or sexually abused as children. Other women come from a family where alcohol was present at all times, and never received the love and parenting they needed. Some women were emotionally neglected and abandoned as children within their own homes and left to fend themselves. Some women where raped as young teenagers and never told anyone, and as it festers inside of them they became lost in thought and emotions, feeling dirty, worthless and ashamed. In doing so they begin to neglect themselves, they stop doing the things they love and in anger and pain they turn to drugs and alcohol, not knowing what to do with the storm within themselves. The pain within some women becomes so unbearable that they can't face the pain within themselves; they can't deal with the pain surrounding their lives and the situations they find themselves in. Some women are passing down the abuse to their children, therefore making more victims for the future. These women are lost, trapped in a cycle in which they don't know how to get out of. They don't know how to love or how to be loved. Some of these women don't know what love is, leaving them in a place of confusion and dismay. They need our help, they need your help, they need a place to heal and find meaning and hope in their lives again. They are not the only one’s suffering, there are women who appear to have a good life, yet they are also suffering in silence because they have a reputation to uphold. Some are housewives who are also suffering in silence, who feel dirty every time they are intimate with their husbands. There are women in churches who are also suffering, but they to have to keep up a front and hid their pain. All these women long to be loved, wanted and needed, but every type of abuse brings shame, they fear others finding out, so they pretend to be happy, yet they are not. 

Dear ones, you have the opportunity to help women who are suffering and need support; by giving them a fighting chance to heal and learn new ways of living, by helping women though Gateway of Hope House of Restoration to pick-up the pieces and rebuild their lives. You can help women put their lives at ease, to help them lift their burdens and remove their anguish, by bringing closure to their hurting hearts and minds. You can help women to get back on the road to living a life of contentment and healing. You can provide a place like no other! A place where women can focus on their healing journey by giving them a new beginning to live a new life. You will be helping women in a place where they will find hope and stability! You will also be helping us to help them in removing the loops that confined their minds. You have the power to free young women as we do, from the streets, homes and places that we would never think it would happen. From a place where they are lost and continue to be abused, raped and mistreated. You can save them from their captives, from self-destruction and the lies embedded in their minds. They are so lost and brainwashed that they really do not know where to go or what to do! 

Help save a woman's life! Help women and young women who suffer in silence, who suffer in ways some women are not accustomed to. Deep down within themselves they hunger and long for help, for answers and a way to escape from the shadows that linger within them. You are the source and the key, we all are in helping women to change their lives and become strong self empowered women. It could be your neighbor, sister, friend or mother who need a place to heal and become free from a painful past. 

There are no homes in Westchester, N.Y. that are aimed for survivors of past/present childhood sexual abuse, childhood abuse, rape, assault, incest and sexual trafficking. This home is needed for those who are lost and alone in pain!

You can be the one to save a woman from taking her life... literally. If you saw a woman drowning next to you in a pool or at the beach, would you help her? Just because you can't physically see the pain within their hearts and souls doesn't mean that their not dyeing or drowning within themselves, it doesn't mean that they are not in a desperate situation. So, we humbly ask you on the behalf of women who are in pain and suffering who long for help, to reach out and help us save the lives of women.

Women need your help! Please give a tax-deductible gift of support to women who are longing for help; so we can reach out to them and bring them into a safe home that will openly accept them as they are. To help set them back on the road to a healthy productive life. No gift is too small, we appreciate any amount.

Any amount that you give will help us in providing for all the needs of the women who are suffering. It will help us build the home that is needed to reach out and start changing lives. The women will be able to stay at the home for up to six months, while we walk with them through their healing journey. Be a part of a home that will change lives for the betterment of each woman!

Please scroll down and see how you can become a part of Gateway of Hope House of Restoration. We are also looking for volunteers that are willing to participate in helping us to built a strong foundation. 


Keren Valentin

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