Gateway of Hope
House of Restoration

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will help, restore and empower women survivors, eighteen years of age and older, who suffered from childhood abuse of all types. (childhood sexual abuse, emotional neglect, physical abuse, mental abuse and physical neglect.) As well women who were victims of rape, assault and sexual trafficking.

Our goals are for women to express their feelings, express their pain, face the reality and heal from their suffering in a safe environment with a caring staff. First and foremost, teaching women that it was not their fault and that they did not deserve what happen to them. To help them on their journey by guiding them towards healing and freedom by participating in groups, classes and activities, as well as counselling sessions with a qualified therapist. Where they will become, emotionally, mentally and spiritually independent and free from their painful past. These interventions will help women find their voice and healing power within and give them confidence and the strength to face the future ahead. 

Offering a residential setting, a home where they can stay up to six months, where survivors will feel safe. Providing them with warm meals, beds and all the necessities needed, as well as study materials. 

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be free of charge to those who can’t offered their stay, so they can focus on their healing.

To have a house where they can also spend time through art therapy and music therapy. Or just enjoy their time in the library with a warm coco or coffee through the winter, or a soft lemonade during the summer. 

The house will also be a safe place where women can come when things are not going well, and life feels overwhelming. The house will be a place where there will always be someone to talk to, when they want to share and express what they are feeling at that moment. Whether someone is having a flashback or a nightmare, there will always be someone there to listen to them and bring comfort in a moment of chaos.

I want to let survivors of all types of childhood abuse, assault & rape victims and trafficking victims to know that they can heal and be made whole again. That they can find peace of mind and rest for their hearts and soul as they work through their pain towards healing, to no longer feel the pain of the past.

Admittance: Women over eighteen of any race, color, nationality or ethnic origin, will be accepted to all right, privileges and activities available at Gateway of Hope House of Restoration.

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration is based on a Judeo-Christian program to reach women in all walks of life who need hope, love, understanding, encouragement and healing. 

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will not just be a house but a home which will encompass a caring and loving staff, who will work with each woman on their journey towards healing. Where women will have a safe place where they can come and find peace, growth and healing.

Mission Statement