Valentin's Art

100% of all sales go to... 
Gateway of Hope House of Restoration  

A house where women will come to heal from their pain with love, compassion and understanding.

And all art work is original .

Enjoy the artwork!

Love Birds
The Dancer
She Sleeps
When God?
You Decide 
Dotted Scene 

I am preparing a book of some of my artworks
If you wish to order a book please contact me at...

Gateway of Hope 
House of Restoration
 P.O. 175, Buchanan, NY. 10511 

or Email me at  for book price and date.

Bellow are a few of my paintings, drawing and graphic art... Enjoy. 

Call Upon Me
Surreal Landscape
Blue Night
Point on Glass
The Hidden Church
Winters Dawn
The Young Woman
For Van Gogh
Still Calm 
Gateway of Hope House of Restoration
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I'LL Never Forsake You