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Gateway of Hope House of Restoration
So many young and older women need help from the pain that they are going through. 
We are here to reach out to every woman that needs help, hope and healing. 

Help us to save lives! 

Join us and become a part of Gateway of Hope House of Restoration

Keren Valentin

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Hi, my name is Keren Valentin and I am the President and founder of Gateway of Hope House of Restoration, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. We are working to establish this residential home, in Westchester County, NY. Where there are no homes that deal with survivors. For women survivors of childhood abuse of all types and for women who are victims of rape, assault and sexual trafficking. Where women can come and reside in a safe and caring environment. Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will not just be a house but a home which will encompass a caring and loving staff, who will work with each woman on their journey towards healing. I know and understand the need for women to have a safe place where they can come and find peace, growth and healing.

Our target date, to open the home is within 2021 - 2022 if not sooner.

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be a healing place where we will be having healing groups, chat groups, one to one therapy and counseling sessions with qualified therapist, social worker, and psychologist. Women will be encouraged to speak and share their stories on how they became victims, and one day they will be able to attest on how they overcame their abuse, rape or assault. We will also provide art therapy and music therapy. Where women will be able to express themselves and find solace and hope for the future. Women will partake in classes to learn new ways of coping with new living skill and activities. We will also have guest speakers sharing their own testimonies on how they have overcome their past abuses, to help encourage and strengthen women. We want the women to once again live a stronger productive life, where they can set new goals, and live without fear and become empowered for the future ahead. 

Women will be provided with warm meals, beds and all the necessities needed, as well as study materials. We want this home to be a place where women who can't afford to pay, won’t need to worry about their stay or their meals. Our goal is for women to focus on their healing journey without worries. We want women to know that they are valuable and worth the care that they so deserve and disparately need and long for.

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be God centered, where we will also show women the love of God and the healing power which comes from his love. As a survivor I would not be healed from my past and from the anguish that was within me for so many, many years. If it wasn't for the journey which I walked through with a caring loving staff that loved God, I would have not made it this fare. And because of God's mercy, grace and love I would literally not be here right now. We will also have Q&A groups about God, like... did God really allow this to happen? We will answer many questions that haven't been answered when it come to God, because there are many misconception of God out there. We will clarify any misconceptions and answer all the questions that the women will have, and they will have questions pertaining to God. Survivors always do.

Join us in reaching out to women who need a home to heal, grow and overcome their painful past.  
Gateway of Hope House of Restoration: 

As a survivor of childhood abuse and emotional neglect and now as an adult, I know how hard it is to find a place where healing can begin. I know how hard it is for women to reach out and share their painful past and the dark shadows that linger within. The fear of rejection, the fear of not really having someone to stand by them when they share their secrets. I know the shame and guilt they are going through, when it wasn't their fault, yet they don't realize that it wasn't their fault at the time. Which comes from being abused, devalued, belittled and dishonored through most of their life. I know how painful the memories and flashbacks are, how it bring anguish to our hearts, mind and lives. How the pain takes us to a road where we thought we would never go. During that time many of us didn't understand that our past affected our future, because at the time we couldn't see beyond the pain that blinded us. I know what it's like wanting to be in a place where others really knew and understood. To be surrounded with other women that have been where we are in some form, where there is no shame and we don't have to feel embarrassed by those around us. I also know what it feels like when you want to be in a place where comfort is needed and not be shunned. Where a prayer can be given if asked, without being judged and being looked upon as an outcast. I want you to know that there is nothing that you can tell me that would shock me or make me reject you or judge you and push you to the side. 

Through my years of healing from childhood sexual abuse and emotional neglect, I found it difficult to find a place where I had the opportunity to be with other women who had empathy for what I was going though, who lived through some situations that I experienced.  Even someone who knew a little about God when I had questions about why and how, when I had doubts and my sanity was hanging by a thread. I wanted answers to so many, many questions I had, that brought fear and uncertainty. I wanted a place where I would feel safe and find peace, a place where they could help me find my a way out of the anguish that was tormenting me. Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be that place, a place where you or someone you know can and will find the answers that for so long have alluded those who need answers. Where women can find restoration from the past and learn new ways of living. Every hurting woman wants healing for their heart and mind, to live in peace and contentment. 

As believers in God or not, we all find it difficult to heal, we are expected to act a certain way and be a certain way. So we put on a mask and go on pretending that everything is ok, when it's not. But what happens to those who really don't know how to get away form their pain and their past? What happens to those who need truthful answers? What happens when they can't see or understand as quickly as others do? Sadly, some go deeper into themselves creating more chaos, repeating the same cycle, feeling hopeless and lost with nowhere to turn. They feel misunderstood, at the same time they are afraid to look back and face their painful past. With no one to help them or guide them unto a better path; they become lost living in a world of darkness, believing that their lives are worthless and many women give up, with no hope in finding what they silently long for.

Gateway of Hope House of Restoration will be a home where questions will be answered. Where healing through love and comfort with the understanding of others will bring peace and hope into their lives. It will be a place where walls can come down and hearts can be changed. Where your hearts will find with peace! A place where you will find a new beginning to grow into who you were meant to be, without all the pain of the past. Where you will find your destiny as you see your healing take place. It won't be easy at times, but you won't be alone. 

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